Information Technology

Websites, Apps & IT Service

About us

Founded in 2010 (Netherlands). Our clients vary from individuals up to larger corporations.



Design, development and maintainance of your website. Suitable for any device.



Giving shape and function to your idea. Applications for end users and servers.


IT Service

Assembly, installation and maintenance of computers, notebooks and servers. Bouwe IT provides you with a wide variety of information technology solutions.

What we do

Enterprise solutions

Business solutions to help corporations with management of data and the automatization of core business processes.

Internet Marketing

Increase opt-ins and conversions with effective marketing strategies.

High Performance APIs

Stable and high performing ASP.NET Web API with SQL Server connectivity for easier and better cross platform development.

Small business solutions

Affordable solutions for starters and smaller businesses.

Online communities

Sharing and playing together.

Data mining

Collecting and scraping information from the web.

Online tools

Online tools to help you or your business get things done more efficiently.

Entertainment platforms

Platforms to distribute and enjoy music, film etc.

Conversion tools

Converting data for different uses.

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